Saturday, July 24, 2021

world according to cat, and to music, and to Pots

1) Tybalt seems finally to have figured out that if he keeps butting the hand holding the food scoop, the food will fall on his head and not land in the food dish. So he's stopped doing that so much.

Also, he's taken to carrying all around the house a particular cat toy on a stick that he used to love, but that recently he's shown no interest in playing with.

2) My other Menlo concert review is now up, though you may not be able to get it at this link. Let me know.

3) POTS. It stands for "Plain Old Telephone Service" and that's what I want. My old desk pushbutton telephone was getting rusty; callers were having trouble hearing me. I'd had that phone for ... at least 40 years, probably over 50. No surprise it was wearing out, but I wanted one just like it. Found a carbon copy for sale, with user reviews beginning with lines like, "I bought this for my 80-year-old mother ..." Perfect. I got it, I plugged it in, it weighs less than the old one, and it seems to work though the ring tone is odd.

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