Monday, July 26, 2021

o to be a blogger

1. Adventures in elusive California backyard barbecue. Whether I'll ever seek out any of these vendors is ... doubtful.

2. Jenny Lawson. Very funny writer. Has books. Also has a blog, less funny, mostly about her depression, but I note it here as a bookmark to remind me of the books.

3. How to use Discord, the chatting app that we'll be employing for out-in-the-(virtual)-hallway conversations at the online Mythcon next weekend.

4. This would be a good article on the love between Frodo and Sam if it didn't keep trying to erase the distinction between love and sexuality. Some deeply loving relationships are sexual. Some aren't. You can't use even physical expressions of tenderness to determine whether one is. (Try plugging a mother-child relationship into this template and see what happens.)

5. Concert music about climate change. Not the first of its kind. I'll be listening to this (because I'm reviewing it); will you?

6. Toilets and bathrooms in Europe. Reminds me of our trip to Italy; yeah, I should tell you about that. Maybe no need: this isn't quite us, but it's well-written.

7. 50 great nonfiction books of recent years. (It says "the best" but come on: you can't be that definitive.) I've read several of these; should put some more on my list.

8. Summary blog posts about another nonfiction book I want to read, the one about the Theranos scandal, but all the library copies are out.

9. Florence Price's rediscovered symphony, the one premiered a couple years ago. (Background article by Alex Ross.) I thought about going to Fort Smith, Arkansas, to hear this performed: but now I don't have to.

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