Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Guess what we just did, Pandora? We went out to see humans pretending to be cats. Wasn't that silly? Yes, they were singing words by a silly man named T.S. Eliot to music by a sillier man named Andrew Lloyd Webfoot (or something like that), and most of them were wearing body tights drawn over with cat fur patterns, except for a few who depicted elderly cats by wearing big hairy robes that made them look more like yeti, or a Ralph Bakshi drawing of an Ent, than cats. And they danced impressively well, but not very much like cats would dance. (Where is Randy Nelson with his "cat-like gestures" when we need him?) And most of them sang pretty well too, especially in the tough syncopated numbers about the Jellicle cats, the more pleasingly as it helped us to ignore the tinny sound of the pit band, which consisted mostly of two synthesizers and an over-miked drum kit. The dark sets were illuminated by flashing lights which would have made Pippin run and hide in the closet. And one little girl in the audience had her face made up as a cat also. I hope she had a good time too.

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