Thursday, December 1, 2011

a trip by car

To get there, you turn off the highway at the colorful old mining town wedged in between the steep canyon slopes. You then drive up out of the canyon for about 15 miles through rugged countryside with only the occasional scattered house, on a series of continuously twisty roads, enough to make even me slightly queasy, each more precarious and doubtful than the last, starting with a narrow state highway and ending up, for the last half mile, on a dirt rut.

Later, of course, you have to return the same way.

It's a beautiful house, spacious and comfortable, with evergreen verdant slopes all around, and the inhabitants thereof seem happy, and they work at home. But every once in a while one needs to leave, if only to do the shopping, and it passeth my understanding ... how anyone can live in a place like that.

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