Saturday, December 3, 2011

reading and eating

The annual festive meeting of our local Mythopoeic book group was this evening. For our potluck, I made my roasted broccoli, a favorite at home which I've only recently figured out how to make portable and which I took to family Thanksgiving as well. (Skimp on the olive oil, so it doesn't get soggy after cooking, and do the final mixing of ingredients on site just before serving. Then remember to take all that stuff home, the step I haven't perfected yet.)

Before the readings, we talked for a bit about current movies, but my reading was inspired by a recent movie that hadn't gotten mentioned, and for good reason: Eric Idle's fantasia on Shakespeare authorship mania. Then I tried reading an excerpt from a paper I'd recently been asked to review, but instead of sounding hilariously bad it just came off as boring and ridiculous, so I soon stopped.

For next year, I have a couple of good pieces about cats saved up.

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