Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mythcon coming up

It's been announced elsewhere so I can say it here too: our Mythcon in Berkeley next year has a new Author Guest of Honor: Malinda Lo, author of Ash and Huntress. Our previously announced GoH, Grace Lin, told us last month that she had to withdraw because she's expecting a baby at a time that would make her attendance unworkable. We on the committee spent some time ruminating as to what to do next, and we're really happy with our choice's work and with her acceptance.

Now, to get the word out. The Mythopoeic Society website ought to be the first place to go for up-to-date information, but it hasn't been updated yet, sigh. For years, I've been telling every arts and cultural organization I have contact with that they have got to keep the internal factual information on their website urgently up to date, because that's the first place people look for information in our brave new world, but this advice is always met with something between incomprehension and hostility.

Eventually we'll get it right, though, and I hope you'll attend.

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