Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Democrats, day 2

The part I was wondering about was the roll call vote. I shouldn't have worried. The same party activist/flunkies who usually announce their states' votes simply appeared with their states' party standards planted usually in some scenic spot, gave their brief puffery, and then announced the votes for Sanders and for Biden in almost exactly the same wording. (Some of them said "the next president of these United States." Why, are there some other United States?) You could usually tell which ones were live by whether it was night outside in them. The sequence went by quickly and the variety was entertaining. The nomination victory celebration afterwards, unfortunately, was small and tinny, more so than I think was absolutely necessary.

The opening keynote was delivered by a raft of young elected officials trading off one phrase at a time each. Energetic but exhausting. Some of them made surprise revelations of themselves as gay. I suspect some viewers might be viscerally repelled by that, but if so, they're bigots.

Somewhere in there also, Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter, in that order, without being visible on video, spoke slowly. Then Bill Clinton spoke both slowly and hoarsely. The final speaker of the evening was Jill Biden, who belied her introductory clip program full of crisp vigor by speaking ... even ... more ... slowly. By this point, Tybalt playing with a catnip bag toy was more interesting to watch as well as cuter.

Substantive content of the whole seemed to be about 30% praise of Biden, 50% denunciation of Trump, and 20% exhortations to text this to that. It felt too much like an infomercial.

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