Wednesday, August 12, 2020

gift card

B. got a retirement present at work. A gift card. For Walmart. wtf? We never shop at Walmart, and would rather not do them the business. I'm not even sure what they have that we'd want.

Not that there are many Walmarts around here anyway - this isn't normally what you'd call Walmart country - but there are a few. But what's closest is a Walmart Neighborhood Market, as it's called, a large supermarket. Which I'd not visited. But since the card was already paid for - I'm not that rigid on my commercial morality - I thought I could dispose of it there. So I went there and bought a few staples, a few odd things they had that other stores didn't carry, and so on.

At the register, the gift card was to be used as a first payment card. But the scanner wouldn't read it. Clerk said the card must have no value. I said I really didn't think so. A supervisor called over was able to read the value off the card and get it entered in.

Now I don't have to return to Walmart.

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