Monday, August 17, 2020

trying to escape the heat

Huge thunderstorms all Saturday night and Sunday morning managed to ignite brush fires in the hills but did nothing to break the temperature. Sunday afternoon I'd had enough, so I finally got fully dressed and retreated to the one air-conditioned site at my disposal, my car. I drove off into the mountains, hoping it might be cooler on the other side. (And incidentally making the third time I've left my county since the pandemic started.) It wasn't cooler, but it was refreshing enough inside the car, even though I was pretty much constantly driving mountain roads for two hours.

I stopped in at a grocery in the mountain town of Boulder Creek, which I've patronized before - I always need some sort of destination when I go out driving. Not only were they out of the item they used to carry that nobody else did, but they've ceased carrying the entire brand. A shame, but typical. I headed back towards home on the other back road, which at least has been repaired from the time half of it fell into a gully when I was last on it several years ago. Quite refreshed by the time I got home, and ready to attack the making of dinner.

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