Saturday, March 28, 2020

last time meme

Last time I traveled abroad: To the big Tolkien exhibit at the Bodleian in Oxford, June 2018.

Last time I slept in a hotel: In Seattle, this January.

Last time I flew in a plane: Coming home from Seattle.

Last time I took a train: Probably last year, going to SF on CalTrain, the only train I ride more than utterly rarely.

Last time I took public transit: BART to SF for a concert, late February.

Last time I had a houseguest: At least 20 years ago, because that was when we got rid of our ratty sofabed.

Last time I got my hair cut: Oh, a while ago.

Last time I went to the movies: The two Oscar-nominated movies I wanted to see, Little Women and Jojo Rabbit, in quick succession in, I think, the first week in February.

Last time I went to the theatre: Princess Ida by G&S, late February.

Last time I went to a concert: As the only invited guest, aside from the people involved in putting it on (I was reviewing it), on March 7, already into the shutdown period. They webcast it.

Last time I went to an art museum: Last June, the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Big Renoir exhibit.

Last time I sat down in a restaurant: Probably about March 13. I'd been making a point over the previous couple of weeks to eat lunch in as many of my favorite local Americanized Chinese restaurants as possible.

Last time I went to a party: Our book discussion group met on March 8, the last possible weekend that would have been feasible. Party-party, New Year's.

Last time I played a board game: Sometime around 30 years ago, B. and I played a game of chess.

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