Sunday, March 22, 2020

lunch from a pot

Since I'm not going out for lunch now, I made a big pot of jambalaya which should serve as my lunch for most of the week.

Ingredients: 2 boxes of jambalaya rice mix (any brand but Zatarain's, which is the only brand most of the markets carry and which is terrible); 2 pounds andouille sausage, chopped up; 1 pound boneless chicken thighs, also chopped up; 1 pound medium-small shrimp, completely shelled; 2 onions, chopped; 1 bell pepper, chopped. It's also supposed to have celery, but that's a nuisance to deal with. Picked up all these at assorted market runs over the last week.

Saute the veggies in oil, take them out; brown the chicken and sausage; add the rice mix and water (alt: chicken broth) and cook, adding in the veggies and shrimp in the last few minutes. Eat a bowl or two, put the rest in tupperware to refrigerate; wash the pot.

I also have a couple packs of seafood paella mix from the vendor at Pike Place where they toss the fish, from my last visit to Seattle two months ago (seems longer than that now), and I'll make that after I'm sure that I've found some dry chorizo, because it doesn't work with the more usual wet chorizo.

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