Friday, March 27, 2020

world according to cat

I woke up very early, as I often do, and came into my office to work. Then Tybalt came in. He wanted to lounge in my arms and get scritched for a while, which is fine as long as I'm only reading; then he wanted to interpose his bulk between the keyboard and the screen; then he wanted to sit in my window.

Then Maia came in. She sits on the worktable behind me and peeps. If I turn around to pet her, she jumps down and heads out of the room. A clue! She wants to be fed! (The food is in the bathroom.) If I turn back around again, she comes back.

Now I have two hungry cats all over the room. I am surrounded by cats; cats are everywhere around me. (B. isn't working today, so she's not awake to provide an alternate focus.) But the clock says no, no, not quite yet.

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