Friday, March 20, 2020

unsafe, no way

I thought it might be time to transition to having our groceries shopped for by the store, an option that's being heavily pushed both by the authorities and the stores themselves.

We do most of our shopping at Safeway, which dominates the food markets around here, so I logged on to their website, with an account we've never actually used before, and girded for battle. They offer both delivery and pickup, whereby you come to the store, call them, and they bring the groceries out to your car.

Pickup seemed easier to arrange than delivery, because the store people don't have to go anywhere, so I chose that option. I saw an option reading "Reserve a pickup time." There I found that they allow you to pick a time up to seven days in advance - no further - but that all times for all days were unavailable. That was true for three different stores. I was expecting that arranging a time might take a couple days, but no availability at all doesn't scan.

When I switched to delivery, there wasn't even an option to set a time. So how are you supposed to know when the delivery will be, and is it in fact not possible to arrange for either? So I phoned them. An hour's waiting later, I gave up.

So B's going out shopping today (this still remains her best day of the week to do it, as she's still working, just from home - and yes, they're paying her). My grocery needs can wait a couple days, but I'm going out when I need them.

This had better get fixed, and soon. Otherwise I'm going out grocery-shopping when I need to, regardless of anything else. And if They don't like that, they'd better get this fixed.

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