Sunday, March 29, 2020

some encouraging news

Encouraging for me, at least. It came in the mail yesterday.

The last I'd heard about the aftermath of my auto accident from January was about a month ago, when I received official letters from the other two drivers' insurance companies confirming that they'd agreed, from consulting the police report which had been taken on site, that the driver who crashed into me from behind was entirely responsible for the accident. (That pushed my car into the one in front of me: thus three cars.)

I'd already received a check from my insurer for the market value of my almost-new but totaled car, which was enough to cover the entire cost of the slightly-used car I bought to replace it, and I trusted my insurer to worry about recouping that from the other company. My only remaining question was, would the at-fault driver's insurance cover any of the cost of the rental car I'd had in the interim? When I spoke with my adjuster on the phone, she said they'd look into that.

And an eloquently-phrased answer to that question came in the mail yesterday, in the form of another check.

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